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Our last border-crossing in Hegyeshalom (H)/ Nickelsdorf (A) reminds us of the tour through this border region we did prior to our trip. And it reminds us of the many meetings and talks in and around Vienna with ‘experts’ and highly mobile subjects.

Busy Logistic Hub

Quite often during our trip the reasons whether a road is packed with traffic or not were not always clear for us. At this busy logistic hub next to the M0 – the outer ring in the south of Budapest – it is obvious where all the trucks transfer their goods. This multimodal hub, including a container terminal, […]

Border Experience

Crossing the Serbian checkpoint was fast – passing the Hungarian took us and all the tourists, (former) guest-workers, etc. quite while. But being stuck was a good opportunity for conversations with several people on the rhythms of traveling …

SEZ – Special Economic Zone

Already in Vienna we got the hint that the Serbian border town Subotica is in terms of migration a very important node. It turned out that beside that it has even a Special Economic Zone for producing and processing goods. As well it will be an important hub for the planned and controversially  South Stream Pipeline. look […]


At least some sections of  the highway “Brotherhood and Unity” follow the same line as the old did. Some of the initial facilities are still in use. … and so are certain practices and habits. And just close by new developments, which try to attract certain customers.    

Hotel Nais

Ahead of our trip different people mentioned this spot being used by turkish truck drivers. Surprisingly now the whole complex is just a ruin and the parking is empty. Right now the whole complex is for sale! look the map On the area is even a big outdoor and an indoor pool – both already […]

Motel Nis

Wake up in this do it yourself Motel wedged between the former main road and the railway tracks. “Nebo”, a guy we met at the petrol station and who speaks German fluently, led us there the night before. It turned out that he had some experience with cross-border businesses from the mid 90-ties on – always […]